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Jul 03

Advanced Targeted Attacks, ATAs

aka Canada’s a target for cyber attack   An advanced persistent threat (APT), also referred to as an advanced targeted attack (ATA), is an Internet-enabled hazard typically coming from a well organised collective of individuals. It is advanced because the operators, the people, responsible for the threat are particularly capable at gathering intelligence with a …

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Oct 06

The Creatures of the Night

If you’re curious about wildlife and want a chance to see some nocturnal species at play, then Stanley Park is the place to be. The Creatures of the Night program is organized by the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES). In this first clip, Public Programs Manager Krystal Pyke talks about the Creatures of the Night …

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Sep 12

Jinn Warriors in the Devil’s War

Jinn warriors Ameena, Haredi and Metellus join forces in a supernatural dimension, parallel but hidden, to take on the devil and save humanity. Each of these characters has endured a life that might seemingly make them mortal enemies with each other. However, they find the way ahead is one of unity against a common foe. …

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