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Jul 03

Advanced Targeted Attacks, ATAs

aka Canada’s a target for cyber attack   An advanced persistent threat (APT), also referred to as an advanced targeted attack (ATA), is an Internet-enabled hazard typically coming from a well organised collective of individuals. It is advanced because the operators, the people, responsible for the threat are particularly capable at gathering intelligence with a …

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Feb 16

Aikikai to Aikido

Eighth Dan Aikido Shihan Visits Vancouver On a yearly visit from Fukuoka Japan, Shihan Morito Suganuma came to Trout Lake Community Centre in East Vancouver to teach and test students over a three day open to the public. Tamami Nakashimada Sensei and Shinobu Matsuoka Sensei oversaw the event. Shihan Suganuma trained under the founder of …

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Dec 25

Christmas Kimchi

If you want to keep warm on a cold day, make your own kimchi. It reminds me of making a fire. It warms you three times. Prepping the ingredients will warm you up. Building your kimchi will warm you up. And eating it will certainly warm you up. Kimchi is full of good stuff The …

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Dec 16

Seven Hours at Science World

One of Vancouver’s brightest attractions, often on the gloomiest days, is Science World. It has been put together very intuitively. As you move through the galleries, each one has its own character and each invoke different feelings, stimulate different senses and prompt you to learn via practical application. Also, it’s a wonderfully social place, where …

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Oct 06

The Creatures of the Night

If you’re curious about wildlife and want a chance to see some nocturnal species at play, then Stanley Park is the place to be. The Creatures of the Night program is organized by the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES). In this first clip, Public Programs Manager Krystal Pyke talks about the Creatures of the Night …

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Sep 16

Shito-Ryu Classical Karate

The Powell Street Festival celebrates the heritage of Japanese Canadians. There is art, comedy, music, food, dancing and ceremonial displays that are free for the public to attend. The weather was beautiful and I encourage everyone with an interest in Japanese culture to attend next year. This year the Powell Street Festival celebrated the martial …

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